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The Edmond Hustinx foundation was founded by Edmond Hustinx in 1961 with the aim of promoting the arts and sciences in Maastricht. Hustinx saw the arts and sciences as the strongest bearers of culture and progress. To support these social pillars he made an amount of capital available through which he could make the implementation of his idealistic objective substantial. Hustinx became chairman of the foundation that managed this fund.

During the first 23 years of its existence, the profile of the foundation was strongly determined by the choices and preferences of its chairman Edmond Hustinx. After his death in 1984 the board of the foundation, as legatee of Edmond Hustinx, worked towards an ever more professional implementation of the objectives.

The Edmond Hustinx foundation carries out its policy in different ways. The foundation has brought prizes into being and special chairs that the foundation attached to the university of Maastricht. Additionally the foundation subsidises smaller and larger projects in the area of the arts and sciences.

It does this on its own initiative or on request. The necessary financial resources necessary come from the fund that the foundation manages. At the moment, basic capital aside, the foundation has almost € 100,000 per year in revenues to budget for implementation of the objectives.