Stichting Edmond Hustinx
Edmond Hustinx foundation

Hustinx' Material Gift

The Winners of Hustinx' Material Gift are:

Patrick Dreuning
Paulette Snijders
Lieve Otten
Marjo de Vries
Charlotte Koenen
Roel Knappstein
Bas de Weerd
Deniece Clermonts
Gladys Zeevaarders
Arno Sijben
Femke Habets
Rick van der Linden
Evert Bongers
Ans Repkes
Christiane Steffens
Sanne Vaassen
Mike Moonen
Eline Kersten
Sarah-Joy Zwarts
Norbert Grunschel
Fran Hoebergen
Christy Westhovens
Linda Maissan
Anne Büscher
Keetje Mans

During this fourth Covid-19-lockdown, the Hustinx Foundation will donate 20 x €500.- worth of materials to support contemporary artists in Maastricht.
Entries for the Hustinx' Material gift can be made from now until Sunday, January 9, 2022 at, with a form-free letter of max. 1 A4 explaining briefly how a possible gift will be spent and also making it credible that the applicant has a background as a professional artist in Maastricht. A draw will take place in the following week among all applicants who meet the requirements. On Sunday, 16 January, the recipients of the Hustinx' Material Gift will be announced via the website.

Chairman Lene ter Haar: "With the Hustinx' Materiaalgift we want to give our visual artists in the city a boost in a quick and targeted manner. With a nice sum of money to keep on making, but also with the message that especially in times of crisis, they make an indispensable contribution to our society because they give shape to that for which there are no words."

Edmond Hustinx (1898-1984) was a soap manufacturer, inventor, artist, patron and an interesting human being. As one of the first in the Netherlands, he was already exploring the possibilities of using waste materials to make new products around 1920. There are also 1116 notarial registrations to his name, including inventions, experiments and suggestions. Since 1961, the Hustinx Foundation has been using the bequest to promote the arts and sciences in Maastricht, either on request or on its own initiative such as with various prizes (Henriette Hustinx Prizes, Edmond Hustinx Prize for playwrights and for science, Peter Debye Prizes), or this Hustinx' Material Gift.

To be eligible for a contribution from the Edmond Hustinx Foundation, the visual artist must be artistically active in terms of content and be embedded in the professional practice of visual art in Maastricht/Euregio/Netherlands (such as having completed an art course or a stipend from a Dutch cultural fund). All applications are assessed against the formal conditions that are stated in the explanation of the scheme concerned and in the general conditions regarding subsidies. Applications that are submitted incomplete cannot be assessed and will be delayed or not processed. No correspondence can be entered into about the results.