Stichting Edmond Hustinx
Edmond Hustinx foundation


The awarding of prizes, according to Edmond Hustinx, is the most suitable instrument for honouring and stimulating people. Because a prize is a once-only allocation, Hustinx was not obliged to make a long-term commitment to an artist or scientist, as many a philanthropist often does for many years. Furthermore, this form of bestowing funds enabled him to subsidise many more people and, for the receiver, a prize was often very attractive fiscally.

For each prize, the board of the foundation has drawn up regulations which specify the meaning of the prize, the way of judging candidates and how the prize is awarded. The jury of experts searches out a prize-winner under its own responsibility and awards the prize.
The awarding of every prize is sealed with the medallion of the Edmond Hustinx foundation, after a design by Fons Haagmans.