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Edmond Hustinxprijs voor de wetenschap 2011
Henry Otgaar

2011 Edmond Hustinx Award for Science
Henry Otgaar
Jury Decision

The Edmond Hustinx Foundation wants to support promising young researchers at Maastricht University. In 2011 the Edmond Hustinx Award for Science goes to a candidate from the Faculty of Psychology and Neuroscience (FPN). The award is not only prestigious but also involves €15.000,- for a specific project.
Candidates and project proposals could be nominated by any professor at the FPN. The candidate had to be a member of the faculty functioning around the level of phd-student, assistant professor or associate professor. Criteria for awarding were that the project theme involves innovative transdisciplinary research, in an international context. The jury has also taken into account the scientific level, originality, research impact for practice or science, feasibility of the project and productivity of the candidate.
The jury has reviewed a number of proposals. The choice was very difficult as more candidates met all criteria. The jury was positively impressed by the quality of the candidates and proposals.
Ultimately the jury ranked the candidates on all criteria and decided to select Henry Otgaar for the 2011 Edmond Hustinx Award. Relevant distinguishing criteria were Innovativeness, originality of the proposal and impact for practice, and the productivity of the candidate.
Research Background: Henri Otgaar's research concentrates on developmental changes in memory from childhood to adulthood - with a strong link to psychology and law. Specifically, he is interested in factors that relate to the development of memory iIIusions. This research is relevant to estimate how valid a testimony in court might be.
Current studies focus on precursors of children's and adults' false memories, adaptive memory,
delayed disclosure of sexual abuse, and interviewing children. Otgaar has disseminated his work extensively and had presented his work to psychologists, students, and practitioners. His research often attracts national as international media attention. Also, he has often cooperated in legal cases involving child witnesses. His current research proposal focus on "Explaining developmental reversals in false memory research".

The jury consisted of Bernadette Jansma (Dean and chair), Anita Jansen and Gerjo Kok.

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