Stichting Edmond Hustinx
Edmond Hustinx foundation

Marc Dijk stipendium / scholarship

Op 6 september 2010 tijdens de opening van het academisch jaar 2010-2011 van de Universiteit Maastricht ontving Marc Dijk het Hustinxstipendium uit handen van rector magnificus G. Mols.

Project summary
This project addresses the emergence of low-carbon cars. It's a study of product competition, socio-technical constituencies and technology spillovers between various low-carbon alternatives to the established internal combustion car engine: the battery-electric vehicle (BEV), the fuel-cell vehicle (FVC), the hybrid electric vehicle (HEV), and the plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV). Association with Oxford's Institute for Carbon and Energy Reduction in Transport will be of great value for the project.This project studies both the competitive and the symbiotic relations between the various technological options.

Project activities
In the execution of this project, the following stipendium activities are foreseen.
Participation in a research workshop (for which I was invited) at the Stockholm Environmental Institute: Governance of Innovation towards Sustainabi/ity: The global transport sector. The workshop should lead to a book, in which I should write a chapter.
Participation in the European Meeting on Applied Evolutionary Economics (EMAEE) 2011 in Pisa, to present and discuss preliminary project results.
Participation in the Gerpisa Automotive Conference in Paris, to present and discuss preliminary project results. This conference includes workshop on a book project (for which I am invited to contribute a chapter).
Four to six months research internship at the interdisciplinary Institute for Carbon and Energy Reduction in Transport (Oxford University, UK), leading to a seminar and working paper. Collaboration foreseen with prof. David Banister and Martino Tran.
– Training Course on AnyLogic, a computer simulation tooi (Paris, France, three-day course)
– Visit to an international conference (to be determined) to discuss project results.
– Research internship at Loremo AG (Germany), a small German car manufacturer. This study should lead to a paper on the perspective on a start-up company developing electric vehicles.
– Lecture at the Dies Natalis of Maastricht University (only if invited)
– Workshop at the City of Maastricht: Local challenges for sustainable transport; the challenge for Maastricht. This should be organized in collaboration with the department of Traffic and Transport of the City Maastricht.

Prof dr. Louis Boon
Dean of Faculty FH5